Belle Lumière Magazine

Behind The Scenes —

Belle Lumière is a quarterly, niche magazine that celebrates film photography. Buttery vibrant tones, grainy texture, and light-drenched images fill the publication. When translated, Belle Lumière means “Beautiful Light” in French. Its name is not only a nod to the origin of chemical processing (France, circa 1839) but also derived from the iconic way film captures light.

There’s something nostalgic about the act of holding a photograph. Tangible is beautiful, and it’s why Belle Lumière is only available in print. The publication was purposefully designed to be held, coveted, and enjoyed in-person—just like an old photograph.

Each volume of Belle Lumière is wrapped in brown paper, bound with twine, and stuffed with a handwritten, wax-sealed letter. These little details add to the brand’s nostalgia, as they were inspired by how Parisian mom and pop shops used to wrap their goods for patrons. To ensure the inspirational photographs and stories remain the focal point inside every volume, the entire publication was designed minimally.


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