I'm an old soul, mama, antique collector, and font hoarder. I married my love-at-first-sight in Las Vegas and named both our daughters after casinos. If that didn't scare you off—you're just my type! #FontJoke

My Design Mantra

You know how they say that beauty is skin deep? That goes for design as well. Pretty can only take you so far. Beauty and brains is how you stand apart. I go beyond just the aesthetics of design to help you look at your brand from a strategic point of view. To understand where your business needs to go and how design can be used effectively to get you there. To me, the "wow" factor is important, but the "why" factor is critical. And every design decision I make is based on how it can help you spread your message, gain more followers, get more clicks or grow your brand. Because pretty for pretty's sake is just decoration. And making something look good is not the same as making it last.

Why I Specialize in Photographers

When I was a kid, I would sit in my parents' closet for hours on end, sifting through their box of photographs, getting lost in all their memories. Nobody knew those photos better than I did, even to this day. Their photos would take me places, fill me with funny stories, and let me experience the moments they lived right alongside them. One moment I'm sitting on my grandma's couch, witnessing my parents' first dates. The next, hiking in Gatlinburg, watching my dad lovingly carve their initials into a tree. Those photos are proof that life happened, and it was a good one. Whenever I retreat back to the closet, there my parents are. Still happy. Still healthy. Still together. Long before cancer took my dad away. This is why I work with photographers. Because I cherish their ability to freeze time. Because they give people like me the chance to relive the best parts of life.

Currently, I'm living life to the fullest after losing my dad to lung cancer in 2016. I do my best to honor is memory every day by being a wonderful parent and learning new things constantly. I recently taught myself to shoot film!

Monthly Power Quote

Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.

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